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Canada ranks in the top 10 of the global Index retreats



23 September 2019 13:30

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In spite of the uncertain economic situation, the ageing population and climate change, Canada has risen to eighth place among the developed countries of the world Index retreats 2019 of Natixis. The country has climbed one place compared to last year.

The index, which is in its seventh year, provides a status report on the security of the pension in 44 economies and the more developed countries of the world, looks at 18 factors critical in areas that could affect the security of the pension.

“Meet the needs of today’s retirees, while protecting the retirement security of future generations, continues to be one of the most pressing challenges for the economies of the world,” says the chief executive officer of Natixis, Jean Raby. We have created the global Index retreats Natixis to facilitate a frank conversation about the measures to be taken to guarantee the security of the pension on a global scale. “

The low interest rates and longevity are the cause of the risk of pensioners

Among the main risks to retirees include the continued low interest rate environment. By combining this with an increasing longevity, there is a danger that some retirees decide to invest in higher risk assets to get higher returns, while exposing their portfolios to more volatility at an age where they might not be able to recover slowing down suddenly on the market.

The countries topping the index this year are Iceland, Switzerland and Norway.

Canada ranks high in the sub-index of finance

Six of the countries that rank among the top ten in the general classification, including Canada, also fall among the top ten for the finance. In Canada, the score of sub-index decreased slightly compared to last year due to weaker results for the indicators of fiscal pressure, interest rates and elderly dependency, according to Natixis.

However, Canada has the highest score for the non-performing bank loans and the seventh-largest to the governance. But Natixis, says that there is room for improvement in the field of the debt of the government.

Canada ranks in the top 10 in terms of material wellbeing, air quality and health.

As regards the sub-index of the quality of life, Canada is past from the ninth to the thirteenth place this year. The welfare staff has risen from seventh place in 2018 at the ninth this year. Canada is also the 36th-ranked for biodiversity and habitat.

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