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Canadians do not consider mental problems as a disability, says RBC



September 25, 2018 09:30

Photo : Nik Shuliahin (Unsplash)

Canadians still tend to see the disability as a problem of “physical” and not mental, says a survey by RBC Insurance. In fact, respondents to 47 % and 36 %, respectively, anxiety and depression as disabilities, whereas these rates go to 65 % each for the multiple sclerosis and physical disasters.

However, 30 % of canadian workers who took disability leave have done so for reasons of mental illness, says RBC Insurance.

“There is a misconception that the disability would be catastrophic in nature and caused by trauma one-off,” says Maria Winslow, senior director general, health insurance, RBC Insurance. What most Canadians don’t realize is that mental illness cause the majority of disabilities. In fact, nearly one-third of insurance claims group disability at RBC Insurance are related to mental health, and this number is even higher if one takes into account the physical disability leads to mental health problems. “

Disability insurance misunderstood

The survey results also demonstrate that the disability insurance is poorly understood by those who are covered by a group plan. Half of the respondents (52 %) said they know the definition of disability, of their plan, while only one in three claims to understand very well the details of their disability insurance.

Almost one in five (23 %) claims that his knowledge is limited to knowing that his insurance offers him some protection. However, 82 % of Canadians consider themselves to be well protected by their disability insurance.

“Canadians must not only ensure that they have a disability, but also to understand the details of their policy. Check the definition of disability to your plan and what is covered or not. For example, some policies cover mental illness and others do not, ” says Ms Winslow.

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