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Canadians would share personal information for cheaper prices



20 March, 2019 09:30

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Nearly half of canadian consumers say they are willing to share personal information, ” important “, such as location data and information about their life style, with their insurer or bank to get lower prices on the products and services, according to a report ofAccenture published on 19 march

The global study by Accenture, entitled ” Financial Services Consumer Study, is based on a survey of 47,000 consumers in 28 countries, including 2,000 Canadians. The results revealed that more than half of consumers would share these data for benefits such as approvals of loan fast, discounts on subscriptions, meeting training and personalized offers based on geolocation.

In addition, canadian consumers believe that protecting privacy is important, 72 % of them, showing himself to be very careful about the confidentiality of their personal data, note the Accenture study. Security breaches of data is the second area of concern for consumers, behind the increase in costs, when asked what would make them leave their bank or their insurer.

Earn the loyalty of customers in a digital economy

“Canadian consumers are willing to share their personal data in situations in which it makes their life easier, but remain cautious about how their information is used,” explains Robert Vokes, managing director of financial services at Accenture in Canada. In this spirit, the banks and insurance companies need to offer an experience hyperpertinente and hyperpratiquent to remain relevant, and maintain the trust and customer loyalty in a digital economy. “

Consumers around the world have expressed their strong support for insurance premiums custom, 64 % wish to receive premiums insurance auto adjusted based on a prudent conduct, and 52 % in exchange for life insurance premiums related to a healthy lifestyle.

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