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Cannabis : Manulife joins forces with Shoppers Drug Mart


Justine Montminy

July 31, 2018 11:30

Manulife will launch in the fall a program for marijuana for medical use in collaboration with Shoppers Drug Mart. The program will be offered as an option in the framework of the group insurance plans and health insurance plans individual.

Pharmacists at Shoppers Drug Mart, will offer to clients of Manulife, including the application of marijuana for medical use has been permitted, tips to help you choose the form of their treatment.

“When a client receives a prescription for medical marijuana, he will be able to fill out a form and pharmacists from Shoppers Drug Mart, trained at the centre, bilingual care to the patients of Ontario, will be able to help customers make a choice on the right type of marijuana to use. Pharmacies are are associated with certain suppliers of cannabis approved, so the patient does not have to search for provider “, explained in the Journal of insurance the spokesman for Manulife Québec, Anne-Julie Gratton.

Periodic follow-up

The pharmacists in the patient care centre Shoppers Drug Mart will offer customers of Manulife management services continues to their records through training, regular follow-up, advice and support by phone and by e-mail, such as pharmacists for a number of drugs.

“What is particular with cannabis, it is that there is no number drug identification number (DIN). Our program is substantially similar to the coverage that we have for other drugs, such as antibiotics, for example. In the system, the prescription of cannabis will be managed as a general requirement, ” says Ms Gratton.

More and more insurers are recognizing the medical cannabis

Manulife follows in the footsteps of The Sun Life Financial which has been added last February, the coverage of medical cannabis to its defined benefit plans.

The Great-West also expects to expand its coverage options by the end of the year.

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