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Cars investigation of Tag to show their support to Info-Crime Montreal


Hubert Roy

May 10, 2018 11:30

Tracking Tag account a quarantine of cars, tracking of stolen vehicles. And all of these cars will shortly be a message of support to the Info-Crime Montréal.

The two organizations announced the partnership yesterday at the headquarters of TAG, particularly in the presence of representatives of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM). The Journal of the insurance was also present. The announcement comes as part of the awareness week that takes Info-Crime for his activities.

Jason Gallovich, president of Tag, says that the partnership gives credibility to his organization, whose livelihood is to combat the theft auto. “It’s been a while that this partnership we were interested,” he said. It gives an extra fame to our company, which exists since seven years, in addition to being a recognition of our work. “

A million sensors Tag installed

Tag has also installed last week the one-millionth sensor on a vehicle it protects. Every vehicle that has a system tracking Tag is assigned a random number of sensors, to fool the robbers, in their attempts to counter the system.

Freddy Marcantonio, vice-president, business development and distribution, of Tag, recalled that the flying car was a scourge still present in quebec society. He pointed out that annually, the theft auto could cost up to $ 400 million ($M) insurers, representing almost 10 % of claims that insurers pay out in automobile insurance.

It has also been suggested that it was necessary to add$ 200 Million to$ 350 Million in costs for the quebec society for the damages that are caused by theft auto and which are not covered by the insurers. Good year, bad year, it is estimated that$ 600 Million is the annual cost and real theft auto in Quebec. He reminded that insurance fraud represents about one-third of the claims related to the theft auto in Quebec.

Crime stoppers will also

The partnership between Tag and the Info-Crime Montréal will also benefit Crime stoppers, whose mission is identical to Info-Crime Montreal, but whose activities are carried out everywhere in Quebec, except for Montreal. The two agencies work closely together when it comes time to exchange information relating to one of the police officers they serve, respectively.

“As the vehicles Identification Tag circulate the same to the outside of the Island of Montreal, Info-Crime Montréal has thought good to solicit and include Crime stoppers in the process, since they have the same mission,” said its CEO Jean Touchette. “This initiative will provide a form of visibility additional to the cause, to the great benefit of all “, he commented. “This association was a natural one. We are happy to take part “, said Richard Poirier, president of Crime stoppers.

Info-Crime Montreal, and Crime stoppers allow citizens to transmit anonymously and confidentially of the information that can be used to the police. Info-Crime Montreal has celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

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