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ClicAssure opens a call center


Hubert Roy

11 July 2019 13:30

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ClicAssure will not sell insurance. The company has, however, help brokers and agents least with tech-savvy to take advantage of its services.

This is why the company launches ClicTel, a call center that will transfer customers pre-qualified directly among brokers and agents with whom it has agreements. Employees who are not certified ClicTel will collect the basic information of a customer who has previously chosen an offer made by ClicAssure and will forward it to the cabinet chosen.

The of the insurance Journal spoke with Marc St-Pierre and Martin Dufour, respectively president and vice-president of business development of ClicAssure to speak of this avenue. The comparison website online has added a phone number to his home page for people wishing to talk to someone on the phone.

One thing is however clear : no board shall be given to the client. It is the latter to take the decision with whom he wants to do business. It will have to do its research in this direction. “If the customer hesitates between two insurers, we do not intervene. We can not direct our choice as our staff liaison is not certified “, specifies Mr. Dufour.

The lead is sent as a function of geographic distribution. The premium will be calculated to the benefit of the client, since ClicAssure is directly connected to the tools of pricing used by dealers. In the case where the rates would be identical for a same insurer, the telephone call is simultaneously sent from several firms.

This model is similar to the call Center virtual ofIntact Insurance (CAVI). The leaders of ClicAssure emphasise, however, that they bring this model to the independent brokerage, although insurers may also rely on them.

New market

If ClicAssure has developed this offer, it is also to develop a new market. Brokers and insurers dealing with ClicAssure are well-organized to manage the prospecting of clients and dedicated employees. The number of submissions generated by ClicAssure is in constant progress year after year, say its leaders, hence the importance to go looking for new partner firms to meet demand.

“It is less obvious for a firm with a module is a more traditional, not necessarily oriented to the Web, to deal with us. With our call center, we solve this problem, because it sends a lead pre-qualified. It is the vision that I have for 2009. If you do not call the client, you will not sell, ” says Mr. Dufour.

Engine of growth

In recent years, ClicAssure has developed several initiatives to promote its growth. A module has been launched by insurance companies and the company is attempting to penetrate the ontario market. The two leaders of ClicAssure believe, however, that the growth of their business will come from ClicTel, since it will allow it to expand its customer base, while allowing the brokers to organize themselves to sell on the Web.

ClicTel six responsible for liaison in its call centre. They are active from Monday to Thursday from 8: 30 to 20 hours, on Friday from 8: 30 to 18 pm and on Saturdays from 10 hours to 16 hours. The responsible for binding of ClicAssure can also make an appointment for the client the name of the broker or the insurer with whom it does business if it is not available.

This is the winter that ClicAssure has launched the first tests of ClicTel. In may, more than 800 transfers of binding were carried out on average per month. Mr. St-Pierre points out that this is still small compared to the volume of transactions ClicAssure, but the enterprise must give themselves the time to learn what it requires to operate a call center.

How a broker can have a call center ?

It is to this question that will answer the of the insurance Journal in its edition of August, in which will be published its first Guide to technology in insurance. In addition to this question, ten major issues related to technological development in insurance will be discussed, ranging from the implementation of the bandwidth 5G artificial intelligence, through the automation of tasks and the deployment of connected objects.

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