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Collaboration : a culture in full deployment


Jean Blouin

May 3, 2018 07:00

Réal Jacob | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The collaboration extends to all stakeholders of the economy and takes multiple forms. Réal Jacob, professor, department of entrepreneurship & innovation at HEC Montréal, noted in a few.

With customers

My customer, my co-innovator, to repeat the famous formula of a professor in the MIT in 2006. To involve the client, the patient or the user creates a sudden sure of the value. Business models are based on it. At Frank & Oak, for example, customers design and order their apparel online. The collaboration is part of a perspective of micropersonnalisation.

In the video game industry, to allow customers to test and shape the product before its release is a necessary detour. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars to design and market a new product. We proceed, therefore, tests involving thousands of potential users around the world in a kind of “grand-messe” computer. Your computers, all of them !

With the “crowd”

The manifestations of open innovation are multiplying. Hacking Health, for example, a social organization that creates digital solutions to improve the health, organizes ” hackathons “. It brings together people from all walks of life into small teams and asked to give birth to an innovative project in a short period of time. The one in support of Sainte-Justine, last year, was the largest ever established in the world, with some 600 participants. In 48 hours, this has resulted in 34 projects, 14 of which are in the process of implementing.

Companies, and not just any ones, increasingly use these calls at all. Club Med, by its site, Club Makers, like to extend an invitation to the public : “Together let’s imagine and create the Club Med of tomorrow “. BMW has its co-creation lab, an innovation project is open to all individuals interested in topics related to the automobile.

Michelin has developed Movin’, an open laboratory of innovation (open lab), not on the tire industry (which it concedes the future global control of the Chinese), but on the overall concept of mobility. In fact, Michelin intends to become the world leader in sustainable mobility. The company has raised more than 5 000 people in Montreal, last June : the allied industries, innovation experts and people interested in the topic. For the first time in its history in 2018, it will hold this event in the same city two consecutive years.

The internal

It is difficult to think of collaboration with the outside world if we do not practice self-care in the workplace. So we see the creation of in-house laboratories to promote digital innovation and the resolution of problems. It brings together specialists in customer experience, analytics, digital, project managers, research and development teams… Two examples within the insurance industry : Intact Lab and Desjardins Lab.

By professional platforms

You can also make use of collaborative platforms to help accelerate innovation in its business or to find solutions to issues of any kind. Two examples in which the slogans speak for themselves : Idea Connection (Build on the genius of others) and Nine Sigma Accelerating the innovation cycle).

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