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Companies in finance create a cluster in cyber security



September 13, 2018 11:30

The Mouvement Desjardins, the National Bank, Deloitte and Group RHEA have united to create CyberEco, an organization that will establish a collective of talent and expertise in cyber security in Quebec.

The collection is comprised of experts in cyber security who will work on joint projects for both companies and individuals. They will develop, among other technological solutions to make them more secure the digital activities, including awareness-raising tools, new software protection and detection, but also of the algorithms of identification of malicious behavior.

“The expertise gathered within CyberEco will enable us to strengthen the various pillars of the fight against cybercrime as well as our initiatives in the field of prevention,” explains Guy Cormier, president and chief executive officer of Desjardins group.

Research chair against cybercrime

The Mouvement Desjardins and the National Bank have also announced that they will finance the creation of a research Chair in prevention of cyber crime at theUniversity of Montreal.

“The Mouvement Desjardins and the National Bank joined forces with the University of Montreal to tackle the challenge of cyber-security, this is a clear signal of the need for urgent action in the matter. This sharing of expertise will bring concrete solutions to meet the critical need of talent in the area “, said the rector of the Université de Montréal, Guy Breton.

Prevent cyber attacks

A series of initiatives aimed at preventing cyber attacks and to better protect the privacy of the personal information will be deployed as early as this year.

“In recent years, we have seen the demand for products and services in cyber security, literally explode. To answer this, it is imperative to develop new solutions that rely on greater collaboration between the major players of the industry, ” adds Marc Perron, associate director in Quebec, Deloitte.

A market in full expansion in Quebec

According to the founding members of the project, the cybersecurity affects all sectors, because the technology is essential to the new economy. Identity theft and scams on the Internet pose a threat to the general public and generate considerable financial losses, they add.

The creation of CyberEco “aims to position Quebec on the world stage and to create and maintain jobs here at home, but also to take advantage of a growing market that, by 2020, could reach more than $ 170 billion globally,” according to Deloitte. The company also believes that job demand for cybersecurity professionals will reach 8 000 jobs by 2021 in Canada.

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