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Confidentiality hinders the development of apps health


Alain Thériault

19 July 2018 07:00

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The issue of confidentiality remains a brake on the development of connected health in the company, stresses Roger Simard, pharmacist-entrepreneur.

Employees are asking whether the employer will be able to access their confidential data. For example, Europe has banned the use of connected objects in the health programs of the companies. He has recounted the anecdote of the system connected to Strava. Dedicated to the physical training of the american military, it has been hacked so that it could detect anywhere on the planet where were the military.

A secure Internet connection is an easy way to implement a connected health without risk, believes Mr. Simard. “Many insurers will offer conversations in medical care line, at which time the chooses the employee. “

The mobile applications will create the databases on the health, and it will be necessary to ensure interoperability between them, according to Mr. Simard. An employee may be a folder in telemedicine, and the two do not speak, note-t-il.

Giants like Google and Amazon will be able to integrate this mass of data. “Amazon has become a company of data management, which has a grocery store, books, credit cards and prescription drugs. If you integrate all this data, you can do a lot of predictive analysis, ” says-t it.

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