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Connected health can allow insurers to manage the risk in the time


Justine Montminy

October 9, 2018 09:30

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Connected health enables insurers to have a clear vision on the risks of their portfolio in the long term, ” says Dr. Lawrence Goldstein, president and co-founder of the application of medical follow-up QALYO.

With the gain in popularity of telemedicine, many applications see the light of day. The doctor divides telemedicine into two categories : the tele-consultation, and connected health. Tele-consultation enables patients to consult a health care professional at a remote location via a digital platform at a distance and connected health enables telemonitoring, the registration of the health data and the transmission of these data.

A suitable product

The connected health with the active involvement allows patients to register themselves in the application of the results of some tests, such as the results of cardiac tests, blood test results, etc, Depending on the data collected, and according to an analysis based on algorithms, the patient gets a note. It is possible to assess a trend and predict a high-risk situation coming up for the next 2-3 years.

“If the insurers adopt such applications, they will also be able to project into the future and offer their clients a product that is suitable while assessing the risk. It then offers a more personalized service, ” said Dr. Goldstein at Convention Collective 2018, organized by Segic.

Insurers must take account of this trend

According to the French physician, Canada is ahead in terms of telemedicine. He adds that the insurers will not have the choice to take into consideration this trend, since it is increasingly on the rise. “Everything is connected today. It is expected that within 5 years, 80% of doctors and pharmacists will prescribe mobile applications in healthcare “, he said. Dr. Goldstein adds that having such a tool like this at home secures often the patients because they have easy access to their results.

However, it states that before offering such service to the insured, it is important to enlist the support of doctors for which they see telemedicine as a tool credible.

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