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CoreLogic partners with Crawford & Company for a new service to insurers



February 13, 2019 11:30

CoreLogic, which provides a platform for claims management for insurers, partners with WeGoLook, owned by Crawford & Company, to offer insurers a service of inspectors of claim on demand.

WeGoLook employs 45 000 inspectors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which it calls its ” lookers “, that collects data, photos, videos, and measures relating to claims. The users of the platform Simibility Claims Connect, and access to the services of these inspectors on request.

Symbility claims that the information gathered by the inspectors can be used to make a triage of the damage and the liability or an adjustment to the administrative claims of low to medium complexity. This would reduce the costs of the healing and turnaround times, according to the company.

To offer new options

“His network of professionals will offer our customers exciting new options in terms of affordable solutions that will help to disperse the inspectors on the ground at an accelerated pace. This will not only reduce the time required for the life of the insured, to become normal again, but also to reduce the costs related to claims less important, ” said James Swayze, manager at CoreLogic.

“Working together to provide solutions to carrier built on advancing the sector as a whole and helps us realize the mission of Crawford, which is to restore and improve the lives, businesses and communities. We are proud to say that we have contributed to this change, ” adds Meredith Brogan, president of WeGoLook.

The service will be available to the users of Symbility Claims Connect in the coming months.

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