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CourtiersNet grabs in the ontario market


Andrea Lubeck

27 February, 2018 07:00

Mario From Aviro | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Mario Of Avirro long-cherished dream of breaking into the ontario market with CourtiersNet. It is now a done thing !

The process of acquisition of the ontario licence and access to records of conduct has recently concluded for the banner. She can now exercise in the neighbouring province.

Take advantage of the lack of competition

“It took us more time than expected because of government constraints,” said Mr. Of Avirro, president of the banner. The head of CourtiersNet in Ontario has recently signed three new firms in the province, it is promising. “

It is expected that the growth of its business in ontario exceeds that of Quebec. “In Ontario, the concept of banners as we know it does not exist. Brokers do not find typically alternatives such as we offer. We do not have competitors, ” says Mr. Avirro.

The one that always has high ambitions of growth has almost reached its goal of 50 % set for 2017. The banner has experienced a business growth of 36 %, including Quebec, Ontario and Florida. “If we compare the whole of the brokerage, these are extraordinary results. In Florida, the growth was 41 %. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our business model, ” boasts-it.

For 2018, CourtiersNet wants to focus to give them the ability to absorb all the growth. “We have no specific projects for this year. We just want to be able to absorb the growth, since this leads to problems of infrastructure, ” says Mr. Avirro.

To maintain the growth

He added that the banner needs to hire one or two people a month to get there, in addition to renovating its offices. He said having to devote a lot of resources and spend a lot of money to be able to maintain the level of growth in recent years. Moreover, it expects to reach the 40 % for the current year.

“Financially, structurally, our goal is growth. We really want to be a network force in the industry, ” says Mr. Avirro.

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