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Dealers United will give himself the means to respond to the challenges of the future


Andrea Lubeck

27 February, 2018 07:00

Louis Wood

After having experienced a year of consolidation in 2016, the banner insurance Brokers States may finally provide the means for the challenges of the future, ” says its president, Louis Wood.

“2017” went very well. Our results are good and our members are satisfied. We met them individually to find out their needs in order to respond well to it “, he says.

The projects of act 141 and 150 lead to large changes in the quebec industry, insurance, and arouse a lot of emotions with professionals, says Mr. Wood. For its part, the Brokers States has decided to act against the revolution that threatens.

“We have created advisory committees with member firms to get their opinion on the management of the legislative changes to come,” says Mr Wood. The brokers of these firms offer their time to exchange with other members on topics of current interest.

Mr. Wood indicates that more firms are in scope if interested in Brokers States. “The concentration pushes these firms to expand their offering to market, they turn to the banners,” says Mr. Wood. In 2017, the banner has added 11 new members up to 99 members and 105 branches. The volume of premiums amounted to $ 203 million.

For 2018, Mr. Wood is sparing of the details of the projects that the banner intends to achieve. He stated, however, that Brokers States finalises an exclusive offer for its members, a project on which the network board in the last few months. “We should unveil mid-year,” reveals Mr Wood.

In addition, the banner will open a new market. Mr. Wood, however, did not specify which.

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