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Death of Anne-Marie Trahan : the ombudsman in property-CASUALTY insurance, reorganizes


Hubert Roy

26 July 2019 09:30

The CA GIO had met in the spring of 2018 to Montreal, the time was taken this photo. Anne-Marie Trahan is to the left of the first row. Following his death, Margaret Vogel (to the right of the same row) will be the acting presidency of the ombudsman. │ Photo: Réjean Meloche

With the death ofAnne-Marie Trahan, the conciliation Service en assurance de dommages (SCAD) has had to rearrange the composition of its board of directors, of which the former judge was president.

Mrs. Trahan had been battling cancer for a short time. She died on 12 July last. “His contribution, his passion and his joy of living will fail in our organization,” commented its spokesman Jerry Grymek for the Journal of insurance.

She was a director of the conciliation Service in the property and casualty insurance since February 2013. She was the president from October 2018.

The vice-president of the board Marguerite Vogel will take over on an interim basis to the head of the council of the ombudsman for property and casualty insurance in Canada until the next annual general meeting of the organization, scheduled for October 2019.

Ms. Trahan has served as independent director representing Quebec on the board of directors of the organization. He began his search to find someone performing this role.

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