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Desjardins donates$ 1 Million to two health-related organizations



August 22, 2018 09:45

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The Desjardins group has announced a partnership with the heart and stroke Foundation and the STROKE and the canadian cancer Society in order to promote prevention and healthy life habits. The co-operative movement will finance it for more than a million dollars over three years, two programs of research and prevention, the Funds of the discoveries of the Foundation and It is my life ! of the Company.

Desjardins has done a survey of 2 964 canadian adults (1 of 468 in Quebec) in order to know their opinion and their vision about their physical health and their lifestyle. A total of 24% of Canadians who responded to a survey do not believe to be in good physical health. In Quebec, it is 17 % of Quebecers who have made the same observation.

The costs are taken into account

Among Quebec respondents, 34 % of them indicated that they did not practice physical activity on a regular basis. However, 21 % of those who do physical activity have highlighted that the costs of programs, equipment, or entries that require them to make important sacrifices in their budget.

For what is the power supply, the costs also come into account, since 44% of the respondents have to make compromises to arrive at incorporate the costs of their eating habits in their budget. In addition, one Quebecer in five indicated that it does not eat fresh foods regularly.

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