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Desjardins expands its product guaranteed investment funds Helios2


Alain Thériault

May 2, 2018 11:30

Photo : Jean-Philippe Bourgoin

Desjardins Insurance has added a fourth guarantee of its guaranteed investment funds (segregated funds), which offers a guarantee of 100 % of the capital accumulated in the contract Helios2 after a period of 15 years. The existing guarantees before the launch performed on Monday, April 30, offered a guarantee of 75 % of the capital.

The new warranty is called 100/100i or 100 % protection at maturity and 100 % protection at time of death. It provides protection of 100 % of the deposits, if the withdrawal takes place 15 years after the last deposit is made.

Protection revampée

“The protection of 100 % of the capital on the death indexed to inflation existed in Helios2 in the form of the guarantee 75/100i, said in an interview in the Journal of insurance Jean-François Girard, director, development of mutual funds and separate, and guarantees of Desjardins Insurance. Due to its popularity, it was extended in the new. “

Under this protection anti-inflation, the value of deposits paid in Helios2 will be automatically adjusted each year until the age of 75 years, according to the increase of the consumer price Index (CPI), explained Mr. Girard.

Incentive transfers

Desjardins provides that all deposits made in the year following the opening of a contract to be eligible for the protection of 100 % of deposits after the maturity of 15 years.

“If you make a deposit, nine months after opening your account, it will be covered 100% by the warranty, at the end of 15 years from the opening of the contract, even if the deposit is only done for a little over 14 years,” added Mr. Girard.

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