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Desjardins offers a platform health to all its insureds in individual life


Alain Thériault

22 June, 2018 11:30

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In partnership with Novus Health, Desjardins Insurance offers a platform where health information to new policyholders of individual insurance. The platform will inform the insured on a variety of resources : family caregivers, or help for learning disabilities in children, information to learn to live with a disease or the effects of an accident, help to modify the habits of life.

Available 24 h/24 h, seven days a week, the platform of web browsing is accompanied by a component of telephone support confidential. The user may also receive by email a guide of customized information in a short period of time. It will be prepared by Novus Health, from research on a state of health and the specific needs of the insured.

“It is important for us to offer a constant support to our clients and help them to better understand their state of health or improve it, and thus ensure their well-being,” said Jérôme Savard, vice-president, actuarial and product development of Desjardins Insurance.

Additional cost for older insureds

Spokesperson for Desjardins Insurance, Jacques Bouchard explained to that the cost of the platform is incorporated in the insurance premium. It is offered to all new insured persons who have purchased a insurance of persons product of the individual, whatever it is.

The insured clients prior to the launch will also benefit from the platform, at an additional cost. “The insurance premium will be adjusted in function of new services,” said Mr. Bouchard.

First in Canada

Novus Health provides other platforms in the industry, especially in the sector of group insurance, has given interview to the Journal of insurance the vice-chairman of Novus Health in Quebec, Marc Giguère. The company offers a platform of information and support to customers of the group insurance plan of Desjardins Insurance since the beginning of the year 2010.

For his part, Jacques Bouchard has indicated that the platform has been well received on the side of their insured groups. “This is the reason why we are launching a platform that could be redirected towards the individual life insurance “, he revealed.

“An insurer that offers such a platform to all the insured of its block of individual products is a first in Canada,” said Mr. Giguère. In his opinion it is a big blow on the part of Desjardins, and a nice step forward for Novus in its position in individual life insurance. “In individual insurance, the rate of use of the platform is very interesting, because the sale of the insurance product directly to the individual,” observes Mr. Giguère.

Second medical opinion

While 90 % of the population 18 years and over uses the internet to find information on the health and well-being, the vice-chairman of Novus Health believes that access to web and telephone is a resource of great value to the clients of Desjardins group. He adds that the new platform will also forward to the services already offered Desjardins through its products critical illness insurance-individual, among other things, the second medical opinion and the accompanying recovery.

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