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Desjardins will train 500 investment advisors responsible


Alain Thériault

22 April, 2019 09:30

The Desjardins group has recently signed a partnership with theAssociation for responsible investment (AIR) in which the co-operative is committed to ensuring that 500 of its representatives following the programme Specialist responsible investment, launched by AIR in 2016.

“We are very proud of this partnership with the AIR which allows us to make available to the consultants and employees all the necessary resources so that they can increase their knowledge in the field of responsible investment, said Sebastien Valley, senior director of development and management of investment solutions at Desjardins. Thanks to this training, the officers and employees of Desjardins will be able to offer a strong support to members and customers who want to integrate the factors and considerations of environmental, social and governance issues in the management of their investment. “

The investment manager is in tune with the times. The announcement of Desjardins arrives on the heels of that ofiA financial Group, became a signatory to the Principles for responsible investment, United Nations. Asset management Foresters is also a signatory. For its part, Vancity, co-operative banking services that include 52 000 members in British Columbia, has registered 100 of its representatives in the course of AIR on responsible investment.

“The investment industry is entering a new era, said Dustyn Lanz, chief executive officer of the AIR. Investors are increasingly aware of the consequences of their investment decisions and want their advisers to be informed of how the potential environmental, social and governance could affect their portfolios. Responsible investment is not a trend ; it is a change of paradigm. “

According to AIR, NEI Investments, and iA Clarington Investments also support its training program.

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