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Dialog acquires an application of medical triage using artificial intelligence



November 13, 2018 09:30

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The business of telemedicine Dialogue has acquired DXA, an application of medical triage using artificial intelligence.

The platform of medical technology allows to reproduce the way of thinking of an emergency physician, says the company. Thus, the application can evaluate a patient and provide a medical opinion in full, in the language choice of the patient.

“This platform can be used in telehealth and care providers in the emergency department and the clinic to automate the triage and documentation in the medical record and to improve the patient experience. The platform can even be integrated to the majority of electronic medical records and can be used by insurers as a tool for assessment of risk to health, ” explains Dr. Jonah Hebert-Davies, co-founder of DXA and orthopaedic surgeon specialist in trauma at the Harborview Medical Center of theUniversity of Washington, Seattle.

Improve the effectiveness of services

Dialogue affirms that the addition of the features of the application of DXA will allow him “to enhance further the effectiveness of its services” and will provide opportunities for partnerships with health care providers and insurers on a global scale.

“This technology could revolutionize the way people access health care and will generate significant efficiencies for health care providers. It complements our platform of virtual care and we will provide hospitals, clinics and insurers with a cutting edge technology which can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. We will invest significantly in artificial intelligence and will continue to develop this technology through the human intervention and continuing to provide optimal care and safety to our customers and our users, ” said Cherif Habib, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dialog.

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