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Diance Beaudry gave the head of the CA of the House to a new president


Andrea Lubeck

June 26, 2019 09:30

Diane Beaudry | Photo : Denis Méthot

The Chamber of damage insurance has named Marie-Claude Dulac, vice-president, sales and loyalty La Capitale general insurance, as the president of its board of directors. It will be the task of presiding over and see to the smooth functioning of the sessions of the council and to act as a spokesperson for the council.

Marie-Hélène Ménard, vice-president, operations at Intact Insurance, is appointed vice-president of the council. In her role, she will assist the president and perform the functions delegated to it.

Their mandate is for a period of two years, renewable once.

Diane Beaudry remains independent director of the board of directors until such time as the minister of Finance shall appoint a person to replace, “which should be done soon,” says the Chamber in the Journal of the insurance.

Of the “diverse skills and complementary”

“The Chamber has a board that is credible and rigorous composed of directors with diverse skills and complementary, points out Anne-Marie Poitras, president and ceo of the Chamber. The fine knowledge of the industry and the role of certified professionals that Mrs. Dulac and mr. Ménard hold will certainly supply the guidelines that the Chamber will have in its strategic plan 2020-2023. “

In the course of his duties in The Capital, Ms. Dulac specializes in the business of insurance. She has served on the board since 2015 and is a member of several committees, including the governance committee, and human resources, the audit committee, the nomination committee and the committee on business regulation, it will also chair.

“It is an honor for me to continue to contribute to the framing and evolution of the practice of certified professionals,” says Dulac. I would also like to sincerely thank Diane Beaudry for his commitment and involvement as an independent director and outgoing chair of the board. His expertise in accounting and corporate governance has been very beneficial to the organization through the past ten years. “

At Intact, mr. Ménard specializes in compensation and personnel management and operations. “I am proud to serve the industry and its professionals. I believe that the House is in a turning promising and I intend to participate actively to continue to fully assume its mission of protecting the public, ” she said.

Other movements

The Chamber has also announced that Alain Côté, director of the board, is now at the head of the audit committee. It is composed of three members of the board ” and ” facilitates the exercise of the audit function within the organization and provides advice on the management of risk, optimization of resources and the quality of internal controls management “. Mr. Ménard is also replaces Ms. Beaudry.

Sylvie Mercier, independent director appointed by the minister of Finance, has seen its mandate renewed and joined the nomination committee. This committee is responsible for identifying candidates qualified to become directors, to verify their eligibility and submit to the council, mentions the Chamber.

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