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Diversico acquires a part of the cabinet of Jean Duranleau


Alain Thériault

31 August 2018 13:30

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Diversico, Experts-Conseils has announced that it has acquired part of the firm Services financiers Jean Duranleau (SFJD). Jean Duranleau remains chairman of the firm, and will continue to serve its customers, now supported by the staff and the technology of Diversico.

Diversico was already in a relationship with SFJD for a good time. “This new partnership represents the continuation of the relationship of trust that has developed between the two companies over the years,” said the firm consolidator.

Technology support

Diversico has added that the president of SFJD now aims to take the customer experience to a higher level thanks to the support of his new partner. Thus, Diversico will deploy through its subsidiaries initiatives to add to the robustness and agility to the operations of the firm.

They include the scanning of physical records, whose mandate will be entrusted to ScanSquad. The content that currently resides in the management system of the customer SFJD will be transferred to the Expert System iGeny Pro by iGeny. It will be up to TechnoSquad to standardize the computer facilities of the office of Mr. Duranleau.

Leader in disability insurance

Founded in 1999 by Jean Duranleau, consultant specializing in disability insurance, SFJD said to be developed with individuals, associations and companies, mainly active in the sector of information technology. SFJD handles a significant volume of business in disability insurance, which positions it in the lead pack at the canadian level for this range of products.

“At this stage of my career, I had to select partners who have demonstrated impeccable ethics and who share my values of respect and integrity. They should also be able to help me improve my service offering by adding financial planning, tax, and estate. Diversico satisfied all my criteria and has a significant technological lead on our industry, ” explained Mr. Duranleau.

The president of Diversico, Daniel Guillemette, said he was honored that Jean Duranleau has chosen to extend his career. “John and his wife Liliane are people who are magnetic, he confided. All members of our staff want to be able to make a maximum contribution to integrating John into our organization. We are proud to also have the chance to help ensure the sustainability of its relation of proximity with the associations of specialists, and computer scientists independent as he serves for many years. “

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