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Diversico creates a firm to treat its customers family


Alain Thériault

14 August 2019 11:30

Guy Carignan

Diversico Finance human has created financial Group Sphinx, a firm that will allow him to separate the administration of its family clientele of the business. Sphinx will be led by a former agency director, to the success ofiA financial Group, Guy Carignan.

Listed as a leading law firm in insurance of persons and group insurance, Sphinx has 55 service call takers and six councillors to this day, revealed the CEO of Diversico, Daniel Guillemette, in interview to the Newspaper of insurance.

Ten appointments per week

The large team of telemarketing Sphinx is the legacy of Guy Carignan, who had developed the heart while he was the head of the agency, Brossard, qc Industrial Alliance. Now the president of Sphinx with Mr. Guillemette as vice-president, Guy Carignan is preparing to convert existing business of Diversico new business of Sphinx.

According to the CEO of Diversico, this machine telemarketing is able to confirm ten appointments per week for each of its councillors. Exclusive to Sphinx, the advisors will receive a share of commission for any existing client that they will sell new products after reviewing their needs. Mr. Guillemette has not wanted to reveal this sharing, as it may vary from case to case.

ABF simplified

According to Mr. Guillemette, the pool of existing customers who could benefit from the services of a Sphinx is around 40 000. “This pool is growing as we continue to acquire customers “, he stressed.

The CEO of Diversico has added that each of the customers acquired in the future will be from the start to separate between the advisors of the Sphinx and those of Diversico, whose clients have needs more ” sophisticated “, he says.

Gold, Daniel Guillemette defends himself to play the card of elitism. “Currently, we handle over 50, 000 clients with the same administrative machine, whether it is fonts to 100 $ or 30 000 $ in premiums per month. We’re reducing the process in Sphinx, because these two clients do not require the same extent of service, ” said Mr. Guillemette.

According to him, the family clientele can be very well served by an analysis of the financial needs simplified, which, for example, inquires not of information normally requested on business owners, ” he said.

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