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Economical delivers 32 500 $ to the charities selected by its employees



December 14, 2018 09:30

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The employees ofthe Company have selected 13 organizations in the community to which the insurer has given 2 $ 500 each, for a total of 32 500 $. To date, the program Choose your charity has awarded 157 500 $ since its creation.

The employees of the 13 offices of the Company are invited to nominate a local charity that corresponds to the strategy of contribution to the community. Then, the employees vote on a short list to determine which organizations will receive the donations.

Donations and partnerships

Economical argues that the existence of the program is possible thanks to the donations of employees, the hours of volunteering they do, in addition to the collaboration es brokers and organizations like the canadian Red Cross, junior achievement of Canada, Parachute Canada and the canadian cancer Society.

The campaign ” Choose your charity of Economical shows that the union makes the force when our employees give back to the communities that support our dealers and our customers, souglien Brigid Pelino, senior vice-president and chief human resources officer. Each of these agencies is affected by this annual campaign makes a difference in their community and it is an honor to contribute to their vital work. “

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