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Electronic proof of auto insurance accepted in Quebec


Charles Mathieu

9 September 2019 09:30

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The provisions of the act relating to proof of motor insurance are different in Quebec compared to other canadian provinces. As a result, following a transition to long-term, it is now possible to present electronic proof of auto insurance to quebec authorities.

“The situation is much different than in the other provinces,” says Pierre Babinsky, director of communications and public affairs at the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), in interview to the Newspaper of insurance. In the rest of Canada, the format of the certificate is dictated by the law. For example, the size and the color are specified. In Quebec, the law does not stipulate what it must contain, ” he said.

Thus, it has never been forbidden to present electronic proof of automobile insurance in Quebec.

“A smooth transition”

Mr. Babinsky says that discussions have taken place since the beginning of the year with various organizations. These had the aim of ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the electronic proof of insurance in the province. “The BAC met with theFrench financial markets Authority, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and the ministry of public Security to discuss “, he explains.

The department would subsequently communicated with the police of the province to ensure that they are comfortable with the use of electronic evidence. In the past, these were not packaged to handle the cell phones of drivers. It was therefore necessary to achieve a ” smooth transition “, said Mr. Babinsky.

After being assured that the stakeholders mentioned above were comfortable to use the electronic evidence in the course of the month of August last, the TRAY has communicated with its members to tell them that it is now possible to offer it to the public.

He adds that products similar to the one proposed by Intact, should arrive soon on the market.

“No announcement has been made, because this was not forbidden. However, the TRAY will hold public communications to inform the public on the subject, ” says Pierre Babinsky.

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