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Employees suffer more chronic diseases, as the employers believe, says Sanofi



June 13, 2018 09:45

Employers under-estimate it at less than a third (29 %) the proportion of their employees with chronic diseases, while 58 % of these claimed to be concerned, reveals the 21st survey on the health care of canadian workers with benefits of Sanofi Canada.

In addition, 77% of the promoters of health care plans say they are concerned about the impact of chronic diseases which are not supported on the productivity of their employees. The results reveal that 47% of employees with a chronic illness have had to be absent at work or have found their work made more difficult because of their illness. This proportion rises to 72 % for those with a mental health issue.

Loans to new benefits

Both the employer and the employees say they are open to new social benefits, emphasizes Sanofi. Two-thirds of the participants would accept that their suppliers ‘analyse the data of their claims to generate communications personal and targeted,” adds the firm. For their part, the promoters want to receive health information targeted that their insurer may offer to willing participants, the study said.

The participants expressed a wish to receive communications about medications they are taking (52 %), health professionals or local experts are recommended and supported for their health problems (47 %), underlines Sanofi.

Recognition of the usefulness of targeted communication

“Some participants are still concerned of the protection of data, but a large number of them are beginning to recognize the utility of targeted communication appropriate,” says Barb Martinez, head of professional services, solutions, employee benefits at Great-West.

“Five years ago, when we were discussing with clients sending out information targeted according to information about their health, we essuyions a categorical denial. Now, the situation is changing, and insurers rely on the technology to integrate communications targeted to support the care of chronic diseases. “

The survey was conducted among 1 503 key participants to a group plan and 502 of plan sponsors across Canada.

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