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Employers are concerned about the rising costs of medicines



September 7, 2018 09:45

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Employers are concerned about the rising cost of group benefits and particularly the increase in the costs of medicines, reveals a survey ofAon. The latter focused on the priorities of the employer and social benefits to the workforce.

In addition to the cost of the medication, the priorities of employers about employee and group benefits, which include the impact of costs of chronic diseases on the plans, the need to personalize the experience of employees and the obligations related to compliance and / or governance, in particular.

“According to the survey, plan sponsors are well aware of the need to manage the costs of increasing benefits, but they also attached great importance to the mobilization and the health of their employees,” said Greg Durant, chief actuary of the group Insurance in Canada for Aon.

Productivity and engagement are also important

The survey results also reveal that the well-being of the employees is the second priority for employers over the workforce, the first being the productivity and mobilization. Mr. During is suggesting to employers to consider the competing priorities, that is, the increase in the costs of benefits and the well-being of their employees, and get off the beaten track by putting in place wellness programs, in particular.

“[These programs] could reduce the overall costs of the extended health care ? A more personalized experience in terms of social benefits could help attract and retain motivated employees ? There are many creative strategies to achieve its goals in terms of workforce, while promoting net results “, he adds.

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