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Employers more aware of the risks of mental disorders, reveals Aon



July 9, 2019 11:30

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A survey ofAon reveals that canadian employers are more aware of the risks presented by mental health problems, both for individuals and businesses. In fact, 43 % of employers surveyed view mental health as a risk to company, serious and 61 % expect that it will be in five years.

Most offer “benefits paramedical care, psychological and other programs that support mental health in the workplace,” says the firm. Several employers have also separated the threshold for psychological care allied health other alone, which “reflects a growing recognition of the risk presented by mental health and an increased commitment to deal with it,” according to Aon.

“[Employers] are already taking action to tackle this risk emerging. Many of them dissociate the maximums for the benefits of psychological care of the other ceilings paramedic and cover a wider range of types of practitioners, including family therapists, social workers and counsellors clinics, ” says Christine Than, a pharmacist and specialist in solution medicine for group insurance, Aon.

Other supports

In addition to the social benefits, the employers put in place employee assistance programs, promote the physical health, offer counseling on personal finances and substance abuse, in addition to giving support sessions on topics such as stress or time management.

“All of this indicates that employers are increasingly aware that they need to do more to support mental health in the workplace in the future,” adds Ms. Than. In fact, most of them are considering, or are to consider a range of programs that are not linked to collective insurance to protect the mental health in the workplace, such as the promotion of the health, physical, substance abuse counselling, and even yoga classes and spaces of meditation dedicated to it. “

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