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Employers under-estimate the number of employees with a chronic disease, says Sanofi



June 19, 2019 09:30

According to the most recent edition of the Survey the Sanofi Canada health care, more than half of Canadians who have a drug insurance plan at work has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, a figure under-estimated by employers.

The survey revealed gaps in knowledge that can help guide the decisions of employers offering health care plans to employees. A persistent gap is the under-estimation by the employers of the presence of chronic diseases in their workforce, which suggests that they may also under-estimate the negative impact of diseases not managed on productivity, says the survey.

“Providers of health care plans offered by employers can use these results to create new benefits and wellness initiatives that focus on support for participants with a chronic disease,” says Michael Mullette, president and ceo of Sanofi Canada. In recent years, measures of mental health support have experienced a positive growth, which may serve as a model for other important chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. “

74 % of employees in favour of pharmacogenetics

The survey revealed that 54 % of the participants had received at least one diagnosis of a disease or chronic condition, their number reaching 69 % among those aged 55 to 64 years of age. However, the proponents estimate that only 39 % of their workforce are suffering from a chronic disease.

Approximately 74 % of employees would agree to pharmacogenetic testing so that doctors can prescribe personalized medicines most likely to work well for them.

Some 45% of employers believe that medical cannabis should be covered by their health plan, compared with 34% in 2018. Approximately 64% of employees agree that medical cannabis may be covered.

The number of drugs covered under-estimated

Employees and employers significantly underestimate the number of medications covered by the drug plans in the workplace, and overestimate the number of drugs covered by insurance plans, provincial drug.

The levels of support are higher among the employees (87 %) and employers (84 %) for a national system of prescription drug insurance that would fill in gaps in coverage for Canadians without insurance or under-insured, but that would not affect the drug in the workplace.

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