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Financial Corporation MR renews its partnership with SFL Westmount


Alain Thériault

20 June 2019 13:30

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Partner since 15 years with the centre financier SFL Westmount, the firm Financial Corporation MR has announced that it has renewed its strategic partnership with the centre on 14 June.

The two associates Corporation MR, Émilie Rousseau and Alexandre Moise, have mentioned in their press release the success of the collaboration between the two parties as a factor in the renewal of the partnership.

Business Services

The joint work of the two entities aims to provide customers with financial services that focus on the expertise of each of the two companies and the complementary nature of their offer of financial services and wealth management. This complementarity allows them to accompany a wide range of customers, namely, individuals and small or medium-sized enterprises.

“Aware of the issues facing business managers, the firm offers services aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the business in the event of retirement, transfer, or unexpected. The firm also provides a service to the valorisation of human capital by facilitating the recruitment and retention of staff “, says the press release.

New image

“In the wake of this renewal, the two companies will align their brand image in order to emphasize their association. Thus, Financial Corporation MR. will gradually adopt the new image, modern and minimalist, du centre financier SFL Westmount, unveiled last fall, ” stresses Financial Corporation MR.

Spotlight on the collective

Experts in the wealth management and individual insurance, Financial Corporation, MR also offers a dedicated service to individuals that takes into account many aspects such as investments, property, taxes, insurance, or retirement and succession.

However, the company has developed its offering in the group insurance industry in recent years and wants to put more emphasis on the business development in this sector, for the years to come. We invite you to read the article on the exclusive interviews conducted with both partners Financial Corporation and NCM, in our next edition of which will be published on Monday 24 June.

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