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Flights full of tourist vehicles : the first increase of the frequency in ten years


Justine Montminy

September 5, 2018 07:00

Photo : Freepik

According to the annual Report on the financial institutions, 2017 theAuthority of the financial markets, frequency of the flight full of passenger vehicles has increased. This is a first in ten years.

The report indicates that the flights full, have suffered an increase of 22.6 % in 2017, compared to 2016. The losses caused by these flights are also on the rise for a fifth time in the last six years.

For example, the average cost per claim of theft of complete vehicles, is increased from 18 $ 113 in 2016 to 19 513 $ 2017, which is equivalent to an increase of 7.7 %.

For flights of the partial vehicles, the frequency of claims is falling for a tenth consecutive year. The average cost per claim has, however, increased for a second consecutive year, 21.8% compared to 2016.

All in all, the Authority recalls that the total of flights, both complete and partial, has been declining over the past ten years. In 2008, a little more than 19 400 thefts of vehicles have been registered with insurers to Quebec and have led to the loss of more than 177 million dollars (M $).

In 2017, the insurers have reported 8 200 flights for losses of $ 114 Million. The frequency of flights complete automobiles has decreased from 61.4 % in Quebec since 2008 and 66.3 per cent for flights to be partial.

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