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Flooding in Toronto caused more than$ 80 Million in insured damages



September 10, 2018 09:45

Localized flooding in the west and the centre of the city of Toronto, and caused by a violent storm in the past month have resulted in insured damage of more than $ 80 million ($M), reports the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

“This event is another example of an increase in extreme weather events devastating across the country. This is a direct consequence of climate change. These floods occur more frequently and with increasing intensity, resulting in an increase in the costs to taxpayers and insurers “, explains the vice-president, Ontario, IBC, Kim Donaldson.

Nearly$ 1 billion in insured damages

Since the beginning of the year, the weather events have caused to the Ontario insured damage of almost a billion dollars (G$). A large part of this sum is due to a wind storm in may that caused more than$ 500 Million of damage.

Ontario has experienced its flood-the most expensive in 2013. They had caused damage of nearly$ 1 billion in Toronto.

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