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Flooding : the world has suffered the wrath of climate change



10 April 2019 11:30

Photo : U. S. Department of Agriculture

An estimate of the firm Aon door overall economic losses of the floods at us $ 8 billion (US$ millions) for the month of march only. Almost all continents have suffered flooding during the month, with the exception of Europe.

In the Americas

In Canada, a mixture of heavy rain and warm weather has caused floods that resulted in economic losses of more than 110 million us dollars (M$ US) ($150 million canadian). The insurers have paid$ 45 MILLION (US$ 60 MILLION) in claims.

These events occurred in southern Ontario and Quebec between 9 and 11 march. “The floods have been exacerbated by the presence of a mantle of snow, unusually large,” says Aon.

The floods in the central and western United States account for more than half of all economic losses, totalling $ 4.25 to US$. billion. The insurers, private and public have paid up to US$ 1 billion in claims, says Aon.

These were conducted between January 12 and march 28, after the passage of a system the spring, leading to heavy snowfalls, rains, record temperatures, violent storms and winds, whose strength was comparable to a hurricane. The basins of the Mississippi river have overflowed.

Even if the floods in South America have not been the most expensive, they were the most deadly. In all, 18 persons have lost the lives because of the torrential rains which occurred in Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia, from 10 to 12 march and from 15 march to 5 April. These heavy rainfall led to flooding and landslides, damaging thousands of structures and vehicles. These events have cost me tens of millions of us dollars.

In Asia and Oceania

Six events in four asian countries, took place throughout the month of march, including in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China. Aon has not been able to identify the total economic loss in several of the cases, but estimated that at least one of them has cost more than US$ 40 MILLION.

These floods were caused by heavy rain and damaged more than 20 000 structures, in addition to killing more than 300 people.

The west coast of New Zealand has been affected by a flood that has cost me a few million dollars for the 24 and 25 march.

In the Middle East and Africa

Finally, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Angola have suffered economic losses exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars due to flooding. More than fifty people perished in the events that are occurring throughout the month of march in some places. Thousands of structures have been affected.

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