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Floods : a national forum is planned for the spring


Hubert Roy

February 8, 2019 09:30

The federal government has promised to hold a national symposium on the issue of floods in Canada. This is what was revealed to Don Forgeron, chief executive officer of the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), in a speech yesterday, 7 February, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Mr. Blacksmith was also made on efforts to lobby the organization to the risk posed by flooding is better controlled. “As a society, we need to make the right decisions. We must stop putting people in danger in places most at risk. It is necessary to propagate this message. “

A national round table on the floods

Mr. Blacksmith has also indicated that the LAC has contributed to the organization of a national round table on the floods. It was moderated by Ralph Goodale, federal minister of public Safety. The BAC chairs the national working group on the financial risk of flooding.

“Two weeks ago, we have proposed a variety of solutions at a meeting of federal and provincial ministers. They have asked us to define what were the properties of high-risk, but also assess different models of pools of insurance to high risk. “In its edition of February 4,, the weekly Web-to-wall paying of the insurance Journal, has reported on the various solutions proposed by the BAC.

It is in this context that will be held the national symposium of the floods, which will bring together the actors of the federal government and various provincial governments. The event will focus on the best practices to have in terms of mapping of the floods, but also to the processing of the data and the science that is around it.

Motor insurance : to read on Monday

Mr. Blacksmith has also delivered an impassioned plea urging canadian regulators to revise their standards of supervision of the market is highly regulated automobile insurance., the weekly Web wall charges of the Journal of insurance, will report in its Monday issue.

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