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Floods : almost 3,000 homes submerged


Frédérique De Simone

23 April 2019 13:30

Photo : Unsplash

In Quebec, who says spring says flood, and this season is no exception. Already, nearly 3,000 homes have been submerged by water since the beginning of the month of April.

The spring freshet will reach its climax in the coming hours, according to the spokesperson for the national Security, civil, Eric Houde, who was interviewed by Radio-Canada. While most water levels are down and that many of the disaster victims are at the time of the balance sheets, some regions are still considered as being areas of major flood events. This is particularly the case in Pointe-Calumet, the bay Quesnel and downstream of the dam, Megantic, where the tendency of the water is still rising.

Of all the homes flooded, some are not in their first claim related to the flood waters. In the Face of the constant repetition of the floods, it has become essential to rethink the urban planning of flood-prone areas, areas at risk.

Due to a hardening of the market that is an rage in the insurance industry, insurers are less likely to insure homes that have suffered damage due to water.

“If it is necessary to compel people to move, we are going to have to do it”

The prime minister François Legault didn’t go of dead hand during his visit to Laval when he was watching the rising waters. He stated that the taxpayers did not have to pay indefinitely for the damage caused by the floods.

He clarified to the media on Sunday afternoon that his government was going to bet on ” new programmes that take into account the repetition of some of the claims that come back regularly “. He adds that these programs provide ” that once a hundred thousand dollars will be accumulated in a cumulative way, over the years, the next step will be to pay for a move “.

Currently all efforts are hard at work to deliver field support to disaster victims, and as quickly as possible, meets the department of public Safety to interview requests from the Journal of the insurance. However, the next days will be rich in ads and in the balance sheets.

The compensation program is reviewed

The compensation program has been revised and corrected and the new version entered into force on 15 April of last year, when the rivers were beginning to come out of their nest.

“The prime minister has entrusted me with a mandate the priority is to simplify the life of citizens who are grappling with the consequences of a disaster. The implementation of this program which allows us, as a new government, to move from words to deeds. Shorter deadlines, and a program less complicated, more flexible, more efficient and above all more human ! “said Geneviève Guilbault, vice-prime minister, minister of public Safety and minister responsible for the area of the National Capital.

The new compensation program and financial aid aims to replace the old program that was used during the previous incidents. Ten points have been modified. These include, among others, an allowance of $ 20 per day, from the 4th to the 100th day of evacuation, temporary shelter and supply.

“When the victims will receive a written notice informing them that work on the structure or on the ground-floor will be necessary, they will be entitled to an allowance of $ 1,000 per month per residence for a stay for a maximum period of 6 months instead of $ 20 per day per person “, it is written in the new program.

An allowance for furniture of essential damaged, as well as financial assistance equal to 90% of reasonable expenses for temporary works, such as the placardage windows or restoring temporary electricity, is also added.

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