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Great-West is expanding its range of connected health for group insurance


Alain Thériault

August 10, 2018 11:30

Great-West offers since 1 August new coverage options to help participants diets insulin-dependent to better manage their diabetes.

The insurer has added to the standard protection of blood glucose meters, continuous sensors and transmitters. These appliances provide to diabetic readings continuously 24 hours on 24. Drive, sensor body and transmitter can measure the level of glucose in the interstitial fluid.

Composed of 90 % water, the interstitial fluid fills the space between cells and blood capillaries, small vessels, extremely fine. Under this connected system, the results received are automatically forwarded to the intelligent reader all of five minutes.

Results on demand

The new protection is added to that already provided with respect to the system’s flash glucose monitoring FreeStyle Freedom and its sensors, available since April 1, 2018 in the most plans from Great-West. This system provides results on request.

“The technology is continuously advancing medical care, and we are pleased to be able to make the protection of these new devices more accessible ; and it is a great way to improve the financial well-being, physical and mental health of Canadians,” says Brad Fedorchuck, senior vice president, customer experience and marketing, collective client, Great-West.

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