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Great-West joins forces with Shoppers Drug Mart’s coverage of medical cannabis



1 March 2019 11:30

Great-West is allied to the chain of pharmacies to Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix) to expand the optional protection of medicinal cannabis to the participants of group insurance plans eligible.

“We have extended our optional protection of the medicinal cannabis schemes direct payment of drugs, which constitute the vast majority of our drug plans, in order to contribute to the financial well-being, physical and mental health of Canadians,” says Bobby Currie, a pharmacist and director of the strategy on drugs of the Great-West life.

Coordination of home delivery

The program will be the coordination of the delivery of the cannabis to the homes of participants and will provide support in terms of case management, “including monitoring, advice, information and support by phone and by e-mail,” says Great-West.

“Plan sponsors will be able to better support their plan members who have been prescribed the medicinal cannabis to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV or aids, or symptoms related to palliative care. In addition, plan members will be directed to the program support the use of medicinal cannabis Shoppers Drug Mart, through its call center located in Ontario, to assist in the selection of the strains and the administration of cannabis, ” says Ms Currie.

Controls “rigorous and comprehensive”

Great-West is also said to have put in place access controls “rigorous and comprehensive” to ensure that the plans remain viable. In particular, there are pre-established conditions and various maximum annual up to $ 5,000. Criteria of coverage and eligibility guidelines to ensure appropriate use have also been put in place.

The reimbursement point-of-sale is only available in Ontario for the time being, but may be in other provinces ” in the near future “.

Great-West life offers a protection with regard to medicinal cannabis through its accounts of expenditure management in health since 2009, has also indicated Ms. Currie.

The insurer follows in the footsteps of Manulife, which had announced a similar partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart in July last.

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