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Great-West launches a proposal to digital, which will reduce the time of issuance of the temporary


Alain Thériault

12 March 2019 13:30

Great-West life, London Life and Canada Life have launched a proposal accessible on-line to purchase term insurance for 10 years and 20 years. The proposal can be completed on average in 20 minutes, and in the best case in 10 minutes, says the company.

Called SimplementProtégé, the new proposal makes the bet to be user friendly and easy to use for the advisor. For example, the number of questions of pricing passes of more than 50 to between 16 and 20. Great-West believes that the proposal will be one of the fastest in Canada. According to the company, most of its competitors take 10 more days to issue a police.

At the present time, SimplementProtégé only supports the proposals of insurance to its product range on term 10 and term 20 years, for an amount of insurance, which can go up to a million dollars.

Developed in digital laboratory

The proposal was developed in consultation with the advisors. “The proposal SimplementProtégé has been designed by advisers, for advisers,” says Katrina Lee-Kwen, senior vice president, products and customer experience, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life. As it has been developed in our laboratories, digital, advisors have taken part in all stages of its development, and will continue to play a key role for its evolution. “

Ms. Lee-Kwen has explained that the labs, using digital to bring together employees from different areas of the business and various experts, so that they can focus as a team on one priority at a time, in the development of solutions for advisers. The team also carries out tests and collecting observations ; it can take autonomous decisions. “Thanks to the collaboration, the team offers a value added by small, repeated interventions. “

More products to come

In an interview with the Journal of insurance, Ms. Lee-Kwen has indicated that the platform will be scalable. “We expect to increase the number of features and the number of situations in which we may use SimplementProtégé. For example, the solution does not currently subscribe fonts the joint. Include more products is also on our radar, ” said dr. Lee-Kwen.

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