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Great-West wants to counter the rise in the cost of drugs with a telemedicine service



26 November 2018 13:30

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Great-West launches telemedicine service Pharma Solutions Network Best Doctors, specially designed to target complex diseases, under the name of the Script. The companies claim that this solution, based on the analysis of the data, will help to ” cope with the increase in the cost of prescription drugs “.

“What makes Pharma Solutions so interesting is that we can now harness the potential of data relating to claims and to take advantage of their analysis to offer this service proactively to our members who have the greatest need to change their lives and help our sponsors to lower the cost of their benefits plans,” says Brad Fedorchuk, vice-president, customer experience and marketing, collective client of Great-West.

Reduce expenditures for specialty products

Thus, by targeting members of the regime with complex health issues, such as Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, the clinical team composed of experts examines the diagnosis and the treatment plan of patients. It is then possible to propose changes to their plan of initial treatment in order to reduce the medical costs incurred.

Great-West argues that the specialty pharmaceutical products are the main factor in the rise of costs in health care. The insurer cites data according to which 1 % of the total expenses of applicants who submit the most claims are equivalent to those of 85 % of claimants who submit the least.

Target the population most likely to benefit from it

The analysis of the data allows to identify individuals in the population most likely to benefit from the review of their diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription by an expert. Once these are found, the medical team of the Network of Best Doctors conducts the evaluation of their case and will either confirm the treatment plan or recommend changes.

“So many people take drugs for a long period of time and receive little or no benefits, while ignoring the reasons that explain their situation and the other opportunities available to them, points out Lewis Levy, M. D., chief medical officer of Teladoc Health, the company who owns the Network of Best Doctors. This solution represents a unique opportunity to break this cycle to optimize the treatment and achieve better health outcomes. “

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