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Group Jetté will build on the insurance companies


Andrea Lubeck

21 February 2018 07:00

Yannick Jetté

If 2016 took place under the sign of consolidation to the Group Jetté, 2017 has been marked by the increase of the efficiency of all of its segments and by the development of its insurance sector business.

“We are pleased with the progress achieved in 2017 what side, in spite of the problems of service response time met “, explains Yannick Jetté, president of the Group. In this chapter, the banner has developed several new partnerships with wholesalers specialized in insurance companies and insurers.

These developments led the banner to register a growth of 22.5 % of its volume of premiums, with 70 % coming from organic growth. The volume at the end of the year was € 92.5 million, up from $ 75 million at the end of 2016.

Keep the cabinets sold

Group Jetté has also experienced movement from its members. Mr. Jetté is pleased to have been able to retain firms that have changed hands in 2017 under its fold. “More and more owners are looking to sell. We have managed to consolidate those who have made this choice and to keep in the banner. “

It mentions that the owners of firms have sold their company have done to a person in-house or to another member of the banner. The Group Jetté has added three new members, bringing the total number to 47 offices and 66 branches.

Mr. Jetté also claims to have started discussions with firms in regions where the Group Jetté is less present in order to widen its scope. “We are hopeful that firms will fail over soon,” says he.

Focus on value-added

In 2018, Yannick Jetté says that its projects can be summed up with the ongoing widening of its offer in the insurance business. “It is difficult for direct insurers to be competitive in this sector. The added value of brokers is even more important. We wish, therefore, that our member firms have access to the best possible offer for their clients. “

However, several challenges on its road to the coming months. The most important being human resources. Some of his employees are planning to retire in 2018. The replacement promises to be a daunting task.

“The hiring of key employees is a big challenge to grow my business. I feel it especially in the next few years, be able to replace these individuals properly will be difficult due to the lack of manpower generalized to the industry, ” he says. To get there, they focus on the culture of his company, to put policies in place so that the employees develop a sense of belonging strong with the banner.

Cope with the technological challenge

The second important challenge that the Group Jetté must face is that of technology. Mr. Jetté reveals that he considers the introduction of several ” new gadgets “, and the IP telephony to its data management system.

“We know that information technology is growing very rapidly. We are looking to have technological tools that will facilitate our work. We will look even harder to look at the computer systems on the market, ” he says.

However, it does not intend to impose a system of technology to its member firms. “This is a case-by-case basis for firms. This is not a comprehensive strategy to the group. This of course depends on the financial means of the firms “, explains Mr. Jetté.

Finally, Mr. Jetté also has a goal of breaking the $ 100 million dollars of premium volume. “By continuing to expand our service offering across the province, I’m not worried for the achievement of this objective. “(Andrea Lubeck)

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