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Group Ultima password banner wholesaler


Frédérique De Simone

21 May 2019 07:00

The Group Ultima is no longer considered as a banner, but as a wholesaler for two years now.

This choice responds to the desire of expansion and growth of portfolio, and this, even if as a banner, its members amounted to a premium volume of $ 1.2 billion (G$). Daniel Tousignant, director general, sees in the wholesalers of the best options and more potential for growth than the banners. “The wholesaler is favored because it is not limited,” he says.

Mr. Tousignant gives the example of the hardening of the market. It states that the change of direction of the Group Ultima has nothing of strategic and that it is self-evident.

Mr. Tousignant said that Ultima takes advantage of the tight market to register higher growth as a wholesaler as if the group had stayed in a banner. “A lot of firms are turning to wholesalers to obtain complementary capabilities to complement their investment. The wholesaler can deal with an unlimited number of firms, while the banners are not only deal with their members, ” he confided in an interview in the Journal of the insurance.

Having opened the doors of the company, the group Ultima has seen its number of brokers multiply and its premium volume will increase, since it has a higher activity since the end of 2018 and early 2019, ” said Mr. Tousignant. As well, Ultima has earned a premium volume of $ 50 million as a wholesaler.

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