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Groupe Cloutier is launching a digital platform for advisors and clients


Andrea Lubeck

March 27, 2018 11:30

François Bruneau

The cabinet Group Cloutier launches, in partnership with Invesco Canada, which is the platform conseillerDUO, marketed under the name of InvestiPLUS. It is the first firm in quebec to make the solution available to mutual fund representatives.

InvestiPLUS allows customers to open accounts by compiling all the necessary data and to contact their adviser in case of need. Groupe Cloutier says that InvestiPLUS allows you to “facilitate the process of opening new accounts” by reducing the “paperwork” and allowing advisors to minimize the administrative costs of the process.

The platform, launched in 2017 by Invesco, also gives the opportunity to the consultants to determine the proportion of the assets of the client to invest in a given portfolio. They have access to a number of portfolios, ranging from conservative to growth-oriented high, in addition to contain the products of third parties.

Combination of advice and technology

“We strongly believe that InvestiPLUS is the perfect combination of advice and technology,” explains François Bruneau, vice-president, administration, investment in Groupe Cloutier. This solution will allow advisors to continue to guide their customers, while reducing the administrative formalities associated with the account opening process. In addition, it will allow customers who have not yet accumulated significant assets access to advice at a cost very reasonable. “

“We believe this technology will help our advisors to provide solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs,” said Mr. Bruneau. The registration process has begun and we expect to provide our financial advisors with access to this new attractive solution in the very near future. “

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