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Health insurance abroad : the Ontario government is reversing


Aurélia Morvan

August 13, 2019 09:30

The grievances of the sick and the opposition have been heard. The government of Ontario, had announced last April that it would not include most health care incurred by Ontarians when travelling outside of Canada. Finally, not all Ontarians who will be deprived of this coverage.

The government has, in effect, to back out, announcing that Ontarians suffering from chronic kidney failure and have to be treated regularly by hemodialysis would continue to be covered by the Ontario if they had to move out of the country.

A program and a budget dedicated

“After the announcement of our proposal to phase out the program at international travellers, the stakeholders and the patients affected by dialysis we have explained that it was difficult and extremely costly for the people receiving treatment to purchase travel insurance,” says the Journal of the insurance Travis Kann, a spokesman for Christine Elliott, minister of ontario Health and long-term Care.

In response, Ontario has therefore decided that it would continue to fund the maintenance of dialysis services received by its residents abroad. He will do that through a new program that it will have an annual budget of $ 700,000 and whose management will be entrusted to the Ontario renal Network.

Through this program, which will be launched on January 1, 2020, the dialysis patients will receive the same reimbursement rates as those currently provided by the existing program “, or $ 210 per dialysis treatment received abroad.

“Victory” of the sick

“When the Ontario government announced the elimination of coverage for dialysis treatments received by Ontarians abroad, we asked members of our community to express themselves, share their stories and be heard by elected officials,” says the Journal of the insurance Shannon Fogarasi, director of programs and public policy for the ontario division of the kidney Foundation of canada.

“They were able to bring to the attention of our members of provincial parliament and other stakeholders across Ontario on the challenges faced by patients suffering from kidney failure and their families. It is through their success that we can celebrate this victory today, ” welcomes-t-it.

More time for the insurance industry

The launch of the new program is intended for people in dialysis “coincide” with the end of the program covering the travelers to ontario from outside the country, said Travis Kann, or January 1, 2020. However, the date initially announced for the end of the program at international travellers was the 1st of October 2019.

Asked about the reason of this report, the spokesperson of the minister Elliott explains that one of the wishes of the government “was to ensure that there is sufficient time for the transition” between the old system and the new ” smooth “.

“But we’ve also heard the insurance industry when she told us that she needed more time to adjust its plans and prepare for the end of the program” that covers all Ontarians travelling abroad, he said.

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