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Horizons is extending its tools from estate



June 20, 2019 09:30

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Group financial Horizons opens its digital platform succession, FindBob, to all its advisors, the company announced.

The agent-general says that the platform provides a multitude of services to councillors, including planning tools, succession custom in a market of the relationship and aggregation of advisers led by the artificial intelligence.

“Our partnership with Horizons, pleases us, because it means that we are even closer to give a solid foundation in the insurance sector and financial services in terms of continuity and succession,” said Roland Chan, president and ceo of FindBob.

Delve into her practice

The platform allows Horizons to see the objectives, the activities and the current status and future of their advisors in using the machine-learning technology and predictive, ” says Mr. Chan.

“This will enable the group to validate their strategies around their agents to ensure that they have discovered the gaps and risks, and have concrete solutions to remedy the situation. Our research showed that the vast majority of agents and advisors are committed on the way to the estate when they have the opportunity to have access to our platform, Advisor Intelligence, ” he adds.

An essential activity

Succession planning is a critical activity for the community of consultants in aging. Studies have shown that the majority of advisors do not have a business continuity plan or succession.

According to Mr. Chan, the sector has a lot of bread on the board and in need of technological platforms specific to cope with the crisis by changing the behaviour of succession.

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