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How to radiate through you ? Check out your 6th talent !


Micheline Bourque

February 19, 2018 07:00

When Louis Garneau was young, he believed to have no talent. Hard to believe that the founder of Louis Garneau Sports, this man who has marked the history of Canada as an athlete and entrepreneur, thought so.

However, the first thing that you offer Carole Doucet and Martin Ducharme in their book entitled ” The 6th talent — fabulous thanks to you ! “it is to discover this wonderful treasure that lives in us all, without exception, to know our talents and dominant.

Published by Isabelle Quentin, this book has the potential to change your vision of you and, more importantly, to provide you with new ways to have more impact. Do not take it lightly, your talents are truly a treasure to be exploited in all the beautiful sense of the word.

Designed to help you advance a practical, step-by-step, in the discovery and especially in the development of your talents, this book reads with ease thanks to his writing clean and soft. Thanks also to Isaac Newton, and yes, the famous physicist, who will guide you in the wonderful discovery and the development of your talent dominant. The development of your talents, this is the secret of the 6th Talent.

Talents are innate. Find out more !

“It is up to you to know and valoirce you hold most precious.”

Agree-from the outset, you have talents that are dominant and they are all innate. The first step is to discover them. Why not follow the suggestion of the authors and to pass the test Strengths Finder from Gallup, an assessment tool Website recognized globally ? Be warned, the report that you will reveal your treasure could cause a shock. To mitigate this, you say, as the authors point out : “Invest in talent can have up to six times more impact than increasing his knowledge or his know-how. “

Assert his talent : the awakening of its area of excellence

Your five most prominent talent are more than playing cards, they are jewels. For the set value, the authors suggest to adopt four principles to either :

  • Define
  • Be consistent
  • Be constant
  • Keep the cap

Guided by these principles, surprising effects can occur. Have more confidence and have more value in the eyes of the people that you meet, is an interesting combination and happy if it is in a. As is the increase in your credibility and your power of attraction. Ultimately, exercise your talents can give you a feeling of greater freedom and satisfaction. The 6th Talent, it is a postulate, as are the authors who inspire.

Anchor the habit to make exercise his talents

The 6th Talent, it is to showcase your talents. The expression of his talents is according to the authors, a habit. It takes practice, practice to get the desired results. The challenge is to find a trigger effective that you will anchor the habit and commit yourself vis-à-vis this practice. The book is full of examples and practical advice that are based on neuroscience and other scientific data to help you understand what is a habit and move forward.

The testimony of Martin, a co-author is eloquent on the power of the 6th talent. “Day after day, to force me to exercise a little more, and in different contexts, I have come to more easily see situations in which my talents are dominant, might be useful, or even phases of a project in which I could intervene with greater impact. The repeated exercise of the development of my talent made me, as a magnet, attracting and attracted by the opportunities for success. “

Go even further with your talents

The 6th Talent is a practical book. It will help you to dispose of certain myths and beliefs, to better understand how you can showcase your talents by means of concrete examples. It offers a simple approach to work on a different basis, more nearly who you are fundamentally.

Micheline Bourque is the president and founder of the reading Club business. Its mission : to contribute to the development of business leaders, business people and professionals through activities and discussions around the book business in a perspective of discovery and learning.

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