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HSB BI&I, Optimum, and Trisura renew their financial support for ACTA


Hubert Roy

7 March, 2018 09:45

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Theinsurance brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) has begun its fundraising campaign for 2018. Three insurers have responded positively. The Company’s Inspection and Insurance Boiler and Machinery of Canada (HSB BI&I), which is part of the family, Munich RE, was the first to renew its support to the programme for the promotion of the broker, the symbol of which is the bipper, as a full-fledged partner.

“The strength of the insurance industry of damages is based on a strong network of brokerage. HSB BI&I, welcomes the renewal of the partnership with ACTA, who continues to defend the interests of brokers and clients who need insurance, ” commented Dave Picot, chief operating officer of HSB BI&I.

The independent broker plays a key role

Optimum General has decided to do the same. “Optimum strongly believes in the key role of the independent broker in the distribution of insurance. We are confident that our success begins with our brokers. This is why we are a proud partner in the promotion Campaign of the broker, ” commented J.-Sébastien Lagarde, vice-president, corporate strategy and business development.

“ACTA is a large proponent of the brokerage network and is at the forefront of an ever-changing industry where new challenges arise constantly “, he added.

An essential element of the process

At Trisura Guarantee, in renewing its partnership with ACTA, it was recalled that the meaning of the name of the company was in keeping with the mission of the brokers. “The syllable “tri” in Trisura represents the tripartite relationship between brokers, clients and our company. We distribute our products only through brokers because we believe that their independence is an essential element of the process and that they are best placed to defend the interests of the insured, ” said Mike George, president and chief executive officer.

“The ACAC plays a vital role in supporting the insurance brokers from all regions of Canada. We are happy that we, for our part, continue to support the program of promotion of the broker, ” he concluded.

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