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Hub continues its growth strategy in Ontario



February 12, 2019 09:30

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The us law firm, Hub International continues to pursue its strategy of growth by acquisition, this time adding the assets of the toronto firm benefits Firstbrook Pointon Benefits Incorporated in her lap. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The firm offers employee benefit programs, consulting, services, annuity and disability management, among others.

Bob Pointon, president and manager of Firstbrook Pointon Benefits, will join Hub Ontario. John Firstbrook, founder of the firm and chief executive officer, John T. Firstbrook Insurance Agencies, has entered into a strategic alliance with Hub, Ontario and will continue to play a role in the growth of the company, states Hub.

“We continue to build on our momentum to attract leading companies in social benefits such as Firstbrook Pointon Benefits to help us provide our customers with a solution that is even more robust in terms of canadian benefits, points out Gregory Belton, executive chairman of Hub Ontario. The world of benefits evolves, becoming more complex and integrated, it is important that our clients have a range of benefits well balanced, in order to attract and retain talent of high quality. “

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