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Humania extends its reach into a market



13 August 2019 13:30

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Humania Assurance extends its reach in the market of travel insurance by acquiring the assets of the wholesaler in the travel insurance Tour+Med.

“This acquisition is a promising synergy gains,” says Stéphane Rochon, president and ceo of Humania Assurance. Our expertise in developing digital, combined with Tour+Med in the field of travel insurance, we will considerably improve our offer of services in both group insurance and individual. “

Stéphane Rochon does not hide its ambition to offer a product of the market babyboumeurs. “Since the launch of our cancer insurance 5575, we are keen to improve our range of products available to all retired canadians, a market segment that needs them “, he explains.

More than 10 years of collaboration

Humania and Tour+Med have been working together for over 10 years, while The Survival, become Humania 2013 is the insurer of the firm. “It is a transaction of natural and indicated then that Humania Assurance, our insurer with a long expertise in living benefits, wanted to expand the scope of its activities, and that we were looking to accelerate our growth across Canada,” says Pierre St-Onge, the new chief of Tour+Med.

Mr. St-Onge remains a shareholder and continues to act as the manager of the marketing and operations of travel insurance. The company, based in Trois-Rivières, was founded in 1996.

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