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Hurricane Dorian : several million dollars of insured damage in Canada


Aurélia Morvan

9 September 2019 13:30

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian | Photo: NASA

Dorian, who is no longer a hurricane, takes off to Europe. During the last two days, the one who became a post-tropical storm has brought back the Canada atlantic, Nova Scotia, the province most severely affected, Newfoundland and Labrador, causing extensive damage. The insured losses are expected to reach several million dollars, tells the Journal of insurance the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

“It’s going to be a big number”

The analysis firm Catastrophe Indices and Quantification (CatIQ) is just beginning its work of estimating insured losses caused by Dorian. While the process should take ” about a month “, the invoice should amount to “more than 25 million,” said Vanessa Barrasa, in charge of relations with the media for the TRAY. “There’s a lot of damage,” she said.

The BAC has made this estimate ” seeing the pictures and the number of people still without electricity “, but also taking into account the fact that the area most affected is located in the greater Halifax region, Nova Scotia. “This is the region where there is a the more people and businesses. It is for this reason that we believe that it’s going to be a big number, ” says Ms. Barrasa.

Nova Scotia hit hard

On Monday morning, approximately 202 000 customers of Nova Scotia Power, the utility company responsible for distributing electricity in Nova Scotia, there were still without power, reports the government of the province. They were approximately 395 000 customers to be in this situation the day before.

Saturday 7th, the province has been the first in atlantic Canada to see the arrival of Dorian. It has been the most bullied, because Dorian “has been able to strengthen just the moment when he was approaching the southwest coast of Nova Scotia,” says Environment Canada. “Dorian has become a post-tropical storm 18 h HAA, and, shortly after, it made landfall in Sambro Creek, south of Halifax, about 19 h, as a post-tropical cyclone of hurricane strength. “

As well, Nova Scotia has experienced gusts reaching up to 145 km/h at Beaver Island, in the greater Halifax area. “Among the damages, there are many uprooted trees, downed power lines and flying debris. A construction crane crashed into a building in the city centre of Halifax, just before Dorian has touched the earth “, list, Environment Canada.

Impressive images showing the collapse of a crane in downtown #Halifax under the force of strong winds caused by the storm #Dorian

? : Fatima Ali

— Radio-Canada Info (@RadioCanadaInfo) September 7, 2019

Outages in the Islands of the Madeleine

Four other provinces have also been affected by the passing of Dorian. “Strong winds gusting up to 100 km/h have also affected eastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward island, the Magdalen Islands, the west and the north-east of Newfoundland, as well as on the Basse-Côte-Nord of Québec,” said Environment Canada.

In a message posted on the Twitter social network, Hydro-Québec indicated that there was “no major damage” to report on its distribution network, but that occurred ” numerous failures to the Magdalen Islands “. Less than 250 customers were still without power on the archipelago, quebec Sunday at 22 h, compared to about 2 800 the same day in the very beginning of agree.

A lot of rain and flooding

In addition to the winds, Dorian has delivered torrential rain on atlantic Canada. “A total quantity of 50 to 140 mm of rain fell on the south and east of New Brunswick, in the south-west in the centre of Nova Scotia and on the west of the Île-du-Prince-Édouard “, said Environment Canada. The sectors most affected are again in Nova Scotia. Some 138 mm of rain are fallen on the Oxford and Lower Sackville.

The fact of the wind and heavy rains, flooding occurred along the coast of atlantic Canada. The water level has reached up to 2.9 metres in the area of Halifax, reports Environment Canada.

Before reaching Canada, Dorian was violently struck the Bahamas, where the insured losses will be numbered in the tens of billions of dollars.

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