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Hurricane Florence : the economic losses would reach$ 22b in US



September 19, 2018 11:30

The economic losses caused by hurricane Florence could amount to 22 billion u.s. dollars (G$ US), according to estimates from different sources, although it is too early to really assess the extent and severity of this event, according to a report from Guy Carpenter. However, the insured losses could range between$ 2.5 billion and$ 5 billion US.

Guy Carpenter reports that more than 509 000 homes and businesses had no access to electricity as of Monday, down from the 1.8 million customers who have experienced power outages since the beginning of the event. About 13,500 military personnel have been deployed in the region to provide assistance.

Hurricane Florence made landfall on 14 September last year in North Carolina. The strongest winds were of 144 kilometers per hour, a category 1 storm.

Guy Carpenter has estimated that 2017 had experienced a season among the 10 most active since the beginning of the detection of cyclones. Other seasons had surpassed, that of 1946, 1968, 2004 and 2005.

A report ofAon Benfield provided that the season 2018 hurricanes would be ” normal “.

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