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HydroSolution is launching a solution for the prevention of water damage


Justine Montminy

March 14, 2018 11:30

Pierre-André Paulin and Nicolas Ayotte | Photo : Réjean Meloche

HydroSolution has taken advantage of the Day in damage insurance, 2018, organized by the Journal of insurance, to launch its new solution for the prevention and detection of water damage, AKWA.

AKWA is a preventive solution that cuts the water before the beginning of a disaster. It is prevention by cutting off the main water supply to a property during absence of the occupants. It also allows you to supervise the areas at risk thanks to the addition of a detection probe.

Operation of the solution

The solution allows the closure of the valve main automatic, motion detector, or by a control switch. The alarm management allows the valve to remain open in the event of a false alarm. The solution also allows you to install the valve without cutting pipe, and it is possible to connect the system with the alarm panels existing in the housing.

“We were looking for a product that was reliable and scalable to meet the needs of our customers and to improve their quality of life by reducing the possible risks associated with water damage,” explains the president and chief executive officer of HydroSolution, Nicolas Ayotte. The company says that this is the solution the most powerful and scalable on the market.

The solution to AKWA will be exclusively distributed by HydroSolution for the residential market in Quebec.

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